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All about Carrolton, Virginia

The name of the city goes back to two English monarchs who named it after themselves. King George III called it New Kirkland and Queen Elizabeth called it Tunbridge. At one time the city had a larger population than Richmond, Virginia which is the capital city of Virginia Learn more here.

The largest census-designated area in Isle of Wight County is the City of Carrollton. The city of Carrollton is a densely populated central district that is bordered on three sides by the Virginia state capitol. The population of the city as of the 2020 census has been 4,574. A lot of the growth in the city has been fueled by an influx of government employees into the area in response to the recession that the country has been experiencing over the last two years. Learn more about The City of Suffolk, Virginia – A Great Dismal Swamp.

Another reason why the city of Carrollton has become an increasingly vibrant place to live is because of the popular Virginia state capitol, Richmond. A quick trip across the James River Bridge and you will find the state capitol building. It is the most visited attraction in the state of Virginia and it attracts millions of visitors each year. During the summer the James River Bridge becomes a picturesque stage for a fireworks display. If you are looking for a quiet and safe place to raise your family while living in the center of the most scenic areas of the commonwealth, then the city of Carrollton, Virginia may just be the place for you.

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